Web Comics


Big in Japan is a Kaiju novel series by Timothy Price that I illustrate.

It’s about a rock band. The joke in America is that sometimes when someone says they are in a band one has never heard of, a member of the band will enviably say that the band is “big in Japan”.

Tim took this idea to it’s logical, Godzilla-satire direction by making his band “big” by climbing into a 60 meter robot to fight giant monsters.

I decided to write a few short “Big in Japan” stories myself in the form of this web comic.

My idea is that I’m going to write some “one-shots”. Basically, Once a year I plan to draw a 20-page, magazine-style story for Big in Japan, featuring one of the side characters.


dragons Here Be Dragons is an original future fiction conspiracy story. I plan to draw about 40 pages a year for this webcomic starting in July 2016