In Process ep 04: Coloring Big in Japan



This week I’m coloring an image I drew a couple weeks ago.

You just watched me scan an image by Sergio Toppi, a european sequential artist who I admire.

I converted that image to an indexed color mode and used the resulting color table as my color palette for the image I’m working on.

I then basically colored all the big shapes a flat color. This enables me to select big gang sections of the image at one time so I can color it in more painterly  ways without fear that my colors will accidentally bleed over to another section of the image.

Then I created a series of  textures using actual paint. Using the rubber stamp tool I’m able to texturize the image pretty quickly in ways that look more organic. I really hate the plastic look of traditional photoshop coloring.

So there ya go.

This image is for the Timothy Price Project “Big in Japan”. Tim is a very creative guy with whom I’ve collaborated for years.

Looking forward to his next project.

The other thing I’ll tell you about my process is that I’m always trying to figure out how to make the colors unify the image. How to make the key components stand out or “pop” and how to use the color to convey story in some capacity or another.

In this case the color hopefully helps communicate that the scene takes place in the desert. The color choices hopefully that it is dangerous, and I’m trying to put light colors against dark shapes and vice versa